Our Operations

At Prairie Band Ag, our operations encompass diverse initiatives that focus on sustainability. From our commitment to horticulture, regenerative farming, and land restoration, every aspect of our operations reflects our dedication to preserving the past while building a sustainable future.

Explore our mission and objectives and the processing of our harvest to discover how each facet of our operations contributes to our commitment to economic growth, tribal sovereignty, and a greener world.


Delve into our mission and objectives, which lie at the heart of our operations. We’re driven by a profound commitment to empowering the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation through sustainable farming and land stewardship, fostering prosperity and employment opportunities. Join us on this journey towards a thriving, sustainable, and diverse agricultural sector.
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Tribal Farming

Tribal farming, where traditions and modern innovation merge to create a sustainable and productive agricultural landscape. Here, we honor our nation while fostering economic growth, self-sufficiency, and a deep connection to the land.



Our horticultural practices go beyond traditional farming. We delve into the world of specialized cultivation techniques, nurturing a diverse range of crops and plants. Whether it’s regenerative farming or exploring new horizons in agriculture, our horticultural endeavors are at the forefront of our sustainable vision.

Harvest Processing

Experience the transformation of our harvest into sustainable products through state-of-the-art processing methods. Our commitment to precision and efficiency ensures that every aspect of our harvest, from hemp hurd to fiber, meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.
Prairie Band Ag Industrial Hemp Processing equipment factory